Young male and female rowers wearing school dresses at Yarra River with Melbourne CBD in background

It’s the extra they give that makes them extraordinary

Have you noticed how some people squeeze unbelievable amounts into their day? James and Maiysha are two of those people. They’re high school students who are flat out with the end of year rush and their demanding sporting commitments. Yet somehow they’ve found the time to become One Girl Ambassadors as well. You don’t have to chat with them long to realise they both have that incredible can-do attitude that so many passionate people share. It’s almost as if they just have to step up and take action - no matter how busy they are. Ambassador training day in Melbourne Here’s what they...

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A school dress, a 1200km journey and one determined woman – this could be a movie!

The words “I’ll be hiking from the Utah border to Mexico” stopped us in our tracks. Each year, when we see the fabulous, crazy, bold things people do in their dresses, we’re honestly blown away by what you get up to. Jumping out of planes, storming mountain slopes and beaches en masse, exercising the distance from Sydney to Sierra, hiking and cycling the elevation of Mt Everest three times, solo hiking across Ireland - and so so much more. You’ve done some amazing stuff! And now Diane Morgan is about to hike the entire length of the state of Arizona - a...

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Four young adults wearing school dresses jumping together outside university building

Take it from an expert – wearing a dress gets better every year!

We haven’t actually met Ted Pickering - not face-to-face anyway. But we’re pretty certain he’s one of those effortlessly awesome people. How do we know? Well, first of all, he’s a Do It In A Dress veteran. Four years in a row! And that alone qualifies him for awesome status in our books. Ted is a member of the team called the QUT GEMS, which stands for Girls In Engineering Making Statements. GEMS is a fabulous club at the Queensland University of Technology that provides support, networking, and mentorship to female engineering students. Ted told us that “at some point, they convinced me...

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Over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

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