So..What Should You Do In Your Dress? 53 Challenge Ideas

So, what should you do in a dress? It’s a question we get asked a lot. And the short answer is: Anything. EVERYTHING! Starting can be the hardest part – so we reckon start simple. Whatever you’re doing, do it in a dress! The first time you might feel a little self-conscious, but people will start congratulating you for doing such an awesome thing and before you know it you’ll be itching for excuses to get your dress on! The more that people see you in your dress, the more money you’ll raise, and the more girls you’ll be help send to school. SO.... So do your...

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Not all heroes wear capes. Sometimes they wear school dresses.

People have done some pretty extraordinary things in their school dresses – but never anything like this! When we heard this story we just knew we had to share it! Jill and her husband Michael were snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado - in their school dresses, of course! It was a cold morning and they were way up high on the mountain. Conditions were very icy. The sun hadn’t had time to do its work and they were regretting that they hadn’t thought things through a bit better. But the universe must have had a plan for them and their school dresses...

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Meet Fatmata.

Fatmata’s brother couldn’t see the point of sending her to school. He thought she’d simply get married and all the benefits of an education would go to another family. So while she lived with him, Fatmata stayed home doing chores. But things changed drastically when their mother came to visit. “My daughter will not sit here without going to school!” she declared. So she took Fatmata back to her village - and back to school. That was in 2011 when Fatmata was 11 years old, and for the next few years she did brilliantly. But in 2014 tragedy struck. Ebola swept through...

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Over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

Do It In A Dress and educate a girl.

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