She’s just broken the world record – just 2,000 kilometres to go!

She’s run across Africa (not once, but twice!), roller-skated across the Netherlands and cycled over 2000km from the UK to Italy, rock climbing along the way. Now Emma Timmis is in Australia doing her biggest adventure yet. Travelling through outback Australia is tough in a car, so why would you even think about doing the 8,000km trip on one of these? And what is it anyway?  It’s called an elliptigo. And Emma Timmis, the crazy gal who’s riding it all the way from Western Australia to New South Wales, is a New Zealand-based, British-born adventure athlete. Emma must get a lot of puzzled...

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Areal image of sparkling blue ocean and golden sands beach

Walking on Sunshine… in a school dress!

Queensland Ambassador, Belinda Linton, came up with the perfect idea for a fitness fundraiser - and her friends couldn't say no! You know you’ve hit on a great fitness fundraiser when people jump onboard in a chorus of ‘hell yeahs!’ The secret is getting the right mix of challenge to make it interesting and fun to make it, well - fun. You definitely need to know your friends and tailor it for them - but once you've got the idea right you're halfway there. Queensland-based Ambassador, Belinda Linton, definitely got it right when she asked her friends to join her walking the entire...

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4 fun fundraising boosts to level up your campaign

Looking for some ways to kick-start your fundraising as October starts? Why not try some of these low-key yet super fun fundraising activities that can get you even closer to your fundraising goal and we kick off action month! 1. Sweet Treats = Sweet Cashola Here in the One Girl office we are harbouring some serious sweet tooths and we know if there’s one thing that can get donations flowing in it’s the promise of some home baked goodies! Ask your friends, family, workmates, or school buddies to get their aprons on and bake some sweets for you to sell in your...

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Over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

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