Ryan, One Girl in particular loves you (find out why)!

We want to introduce you to Ryan. Why you ask? Because he's almost QUADRUPLED his fundraising goal. And he didn’t jump out of a plane, run a marathon, or scale a mountain. He didn’t run an event, a raffle, or competition. In fact, he didn’t even really do anything specific in a school dress. So what did he do? Ryan went on holiday in a school dress! Earlier in July, Ryan followed the Tour De France, went snorkelling, biking, and eating all throughout Europe in his school dress. Ryan’s story is a great reminder that Do It In A Dress isn’t always about jumping...

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Playing to her strengths

Superman might bend steel in his bare hands – but this One Girl Ambassador and competitive strong woman, Scout Symons, spends her spare time pulling trucks and deadlifting cars!! She’s an extraordinary ambassador for women’s empowerment and for One Girl. She’s rallied a huge community and already raised enough to educate 15 girls! You could sum up everything Scout does with two words - girl power. She’s a competitive weightlifter who’s teaching women that it’s not about how your body looks – but what it can do. And in her role as a boarding house manager at a girls’ school in...

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This is what pushing yourself looks like!

Luke Richardson knows how to think big and push himself. He’s about to take on a beast known as 'Australia's toughest trail race'. It’s a gruelling 175 km race on the NSW coast called the Great North Walk - and he's going to run it in a dress! On the 8 or 9 September, send some love and energy-boosting thoughts to Luke. He and a group of other super-fit ultra runners will be pushing their bodies and minds over some pretty wild terrain. According to the event’s registration page, “entrants will need to cope with precipitous ascents and descents, muddy trails...

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