Walking on Sunshine… in a school dress!

Queensland Ambassador, Belinda Linton, came up with the perfect idea for a fitness fundraiser – and her friends couldn’t say no!

You know you’ve hit on a great fitness fundraiser when people jump onboard in a chorus of ‘hell yeahs!’

The secret is getting the right mix of challenge to make it interesting and fun to make it, well – fun. You definitely need to know your friends and tailor it for them – but once you’ve got the idea right you’re halfway there.

Queensland-based Ambassador, Belinda Linton, definitely got it right when she asked her friends to join her walking the entire length of the Gold Coast beachfront. All 36 kilometres. Challenge – tick. But the fun part is the fabulous location. Everything from pristine beaches and national parks to cosmopolitan urban areas.

Hard to say no to that!

portrait of young woman in a red school dress holding 3 books under her right arm

Like so many Ambassadors, Belinda is passionate about the plight of vulnerable women and girls who suffer the hardships of poverty and discrimination. Creating the ‘Gold Coast Walkers’ team is her way of standing up to those injustices and making a lasting, positive impact.

We asked Belinda how she came to be a One Girl Ambassador and to tell us a bit more about the challenge she and the Walkers have planned.

What inspired you to take on the role of Ambassador?
I heard about One Girl through the ‘Ethical Jobs’ website when I was looking for a volunteer position to enhance my advocacy and organisational skills.

I am passionate about helping the world’s most vulnerable people – and have a particular empathy for women. Discrimination, on top of their already trying circumstances, is the ultimate injustice.

Can you describe the challenges you and your team are doing?
My team and I are walking the entire length of the Gold Coast (36 km) – from north to south – in our school dresses. It should take us about 9 hours. This beachfront path will take us past some prime, bustling social hubs where we hope to raise curiosity about what we’re doing.

Promotional flyer for women's expo showing 5 young women looking over a camera smiling

Leading up to this walk, we hosted a booth at a Women’s Wellness Expo in the Gold Coast hinterland. We were there to raise awareness for One Girl as well as create publicity for the walk itself. We gave out business cards to encourage donations, and handed out a contact sheet for those interested in learning more. I’ll also be holding a fundraising trivia night at a popular Gold Coast restaurant, where I am the manager.

What was your inspiration for this challenge?
I wanted to create a Do It In A Dress event that would be both challenging and appealing to possible team members. The path we’ll be taking will lead us through some of the most beautiful parts of the Gold Coast, so when we are not focusing on our jelly legs, it will be a rewarding journey!

As team leader, how will you keep your team motivated and up-to-date?
I’ll be sending my team weekly emails detailing plans for the walk, marketing plans and links to the One Girl information packs. To reach a broader audience and spike curiosity, I’ll also be posting thank yous and fundraising milestones on my Facebook page.

And that’s how you do it. Belinda and her team have organised a challenging but thoroughly enjoyable event, supported by some great marketing. Perfect! We can’t wait to see the photos later this month!