This is what 31 days of the best year ever looks like!

Wow – what a year! In just two short months you incredible Do It In A Dressers have now raised a massive $840,000 – making 2017 our BIGGEST year ever. There’ve been some epic challenges, massive teams, unprecedented global media coverage, broken world records, and literally hundreds of hours of effort and creativity and laughs and tears (of joy of course). And what an outcome! Now the impact of all your work will begin as the lives of thousands of girls and their families and communities change forever – thanks to you!

So take it all in and enjoy just 31of the hundreds of extraordinary challenges, events, moments and shenanigans from Do It In A Dress 2017. Why 31? One for each day of October!

1) We have to kick off with this

Craigburn Primary School’s Do It In A Dress experience might be the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened, not just in Do It In A Dress history – but in the whole of One Girl’s history.

In case you missed this extraordinary story, here’s a brief recap:

When a federal politician criticised a primary school’s Do It In A Dress fundraiser on Twitter, the internet went mad. Led by comedian Josh Thomas and his huge following, people tweeted thousands of messages of support for the kids who were doing something great to help girls in Africa get educated. Donations went through the roof!

As the school’s fundraising target of $900 was smashed by tens of thousands of dollars, the world’s media caught on. Their global coverage drove a tidal wave of additional support and resulted in the school raising over $300,000. It was crazy week for the everyone at Craigburn Primary and for us – in the very best way imaginable! You can read the whole story here .

Craigburn is a very hard act to follow – but other schools out there have also made a huge impact. Like the legends at Mount Annan High School who, for the second year in a row, have raised enough to educate 17 girls for a year!

2. Emma’s Epic ElliptiGo Adventure

Australia fell in love with fabulous British-born super athlete Emma Timmis who ‘eliptigoed’ a world-recording-breaking (almost) 8000kms from WA to Byron Bay.

Fans followed her epic adventure on Facebook, sending her love and advice on the best Aussie biscuits to keep up her strength; they cheered her on through towns and cities; hung ‘Go Emma’ messages on highways; and welcomed her into their homes for a hot meal and comfie bed. We miss you already Emma!!

Young woman in sports gear, with elliptical cycle, standing under a sign reading 'Australia's longest straight road 146.6km, in Western Australian outback

3. Diane Morgan’s Arizona Trail adventure

Google map of Arizona and bordering states, showing north to south trail line through centre of Arizona

This epic adventure could be a movie! While you’re reading this, Diane is walking the entire length of the US state of Arizona, from the Utah border all the way to Mexico – in her school dress. That’s 1200 kms. By the time she’s done, Diane will have walked 27kms a day, 6 days a week for over 2 months, through canyons, forests, deserts, towns and cities. It’s a trip of a lifetime and we’re so proud to be sharing it with her – in spirit at least!

4. Fly High Circus took their challenge to new heights!

These thrill seekers wore their dresses flying on the trapeze, doing aerials and tumbling on mats…check out their amazing video!

5. Chef It In A Dress was back for another year of dressy shenanigans!


Across Australia, 31 chefs and bakers lead by the fabulous Pierre Roelofs, wore their gingham with pride so girls in Africa could go to school. Deliciousness abounded as they did everything from whipping up 5-course charity dinners to gelati-maestros at Pidapipo in Carlton creating a one-off flavour for a day – Coconut gelato with cardamom and banana jam. Yum!

And it’s not just food and dresses that go well together – checkout the crew from Vinomofo who also got into the school dress spirit!

6. We were inspired by some of our youngest Ambassadors…

Young female school student in uniform

We had some of our youngest Ambassadors ever this year – 11 year old Phoebe and 13 year old Sarah. They donated their birthdays, ran events, spoke from podiums and inspired people everywhere they went with their enthusiasm and drive. A big shout out to Emmeline Anthony and all our other young changemakers for their awesome efforts too!

7. Age wasn’t a thing for these superstars either

Who says you have to be a certain age to rock a school dress? Jenny Opie’s antics saw her more than tripled her fundraising goal. And Joy? She loved her school dress so much she decided to make it her birthday outfit – her 78th birthday suit!

8. University super teams

What can we say – you guys are incredible! Across Australia, whole colleges of students pulled on their dresses and did anything and everything to pass on the gift of education.

A huge thank you to everyone at the University of Woollongong LEAD team who smashed their goal by raising close on $22,000! And to: Melbourne Uni’s Janet Clarke Hall and Ormond College; University Hall; St Catherine’s College at Uni of WA; Queensland Uni of Technology; International House Melbourne; International College of Hotel Management; and Bond University.

9. University of Queensland

We have to single out the University of Queensland for a very special shout out. They were back this year bigger and better than ever with literally hundreds of dress-wearing students from more than 10 colleges collectively raising over $37,500!

10. Running up a storm in your dresses!

Plenty of you got hot and sweaty for the cause. Jase ran up 35 flights of stairs, Andrew ran the Melbourne Marathon then raised so much money that he had to do it all again in the Spartan Race. Girl teams ran the City-Bay Fun Run and the Bridge to Brisbane. And everywhere they ran people noticed!

11. Meet our brand new partners: Carman’s Kitchen 


This was HUGE. This year we were thrilled to announce our new partnership with the fabulous Carman’s! And what a way to kick things off with Carman’s giving fundraisers a massive boost by dollar-matching $25,000 in donations – all snapped up faster than you can say ‘museli’. The Carman’s Crew got in the Do It In A Dress spirit by creating their own team, and headed of to a Kingpin Bowling challenge in their dresses. Looking good team!

12. Belinda Linton and the Gold Coast Walkers

Beautiful one day, perfect the next. Yep – that’s Queensland. And Belinda Linton made the absolute most of her beautiful backyard when she and her buddies walked the entire 36km length of the Gold Coast beachfront. Hard work – but what a gorgeous way to spend a day!

13. Our Do It In A Dress veterans

We admit it – we have a special place in our hearts for our regular Do It In A Dressers who show up year on year to inspire their communities with their dressy antics and adventures.

Dark haired male in his 30s wearing a lab coat over a school dress

People like Ted Pickering – all round good guy and legendary tutor who’s dusted off his dress four years in a row to teach classes, play dodge ball, go on dates and so so much more. Big love to each and every one of you who shows up year on year. Your ongoing support means everything!

14. Jewelchic Super Team

Talking of ongoing support – it wouldn’t be Do It In A Dress without the fabulous Megan Castran and her chic Jewelchic Super Team. For five years now, these stylish legends have raised serious money to support girls’ education. This year they dined and hiked and had a ball. And of course their annual taco night was a highlight event!

15. The Shredders were back!

And how can we talk about legendary support without mentioning these guys? In a fifth fabulous year of support, the Mt Buller Shred It In A Dress crew of boarders and skiers and snow-lovers defied the snowed out conditions to put on their annual display of gingham, raising over $5,300 for the girls’ education!

16. Another year of Horsing around!

Another much appreciated veteran – Michelle Knoll and her Horseplay team – mounted up for a fifth year of horsey challenges in school dresses. And while they’ve been doing the thing they love most, Michelle and her team have this year raised enough to send 5 girls to school. Brilliant effort!

17. Yoga in a Dress

Balancing body and mind while you change the world – you can’t beat that for a healthy practice. It’s so great to have a bit zen amongst all the crazy, adrenaline pumping antics. Thanks to the amazing Gabrielle Campion who did yoga in a dress everyday for a month; to Georgia Dehring and The Yoga Collective for their brilliant support; and to lovely Elizabeth Laughton and to all you other yogis as well.

18. Honouring a beautiful dream and incredible legacy!

Mik’s Mates was a team with a very special mission. They were honouring their much-loved friend Mikayla, by realising her dream of educating 100 girls. They told the world: “Every October she would dust off her finest school dress and raise funds for One Girl. This is a team for anyone who knew and loved Mikayla and wants to Do it in a Dress this October to help her reach this goal.” How beautiful is that? And they smashed it. Well done guys, you did her proud!

19. Complete with Booty rolling Beyonce-style!

As part of the Mik’s Mates team, the F is for Dance team in Perth ran a huge Beyonce-style dance-in-a-dress class teaching people to strut their stuff to the very fitting ‘Run The World (Girls)’.

20. Tammy’s handmade carnival of fun

This creative, super dedicated gal hand-made a whole carnival of games in her backyard so friends and family could step into a yesteryear of old-fashion fun, including a Ping Pong Toss, Tic Tac Toe, Plinko and DIY-Photo Booth! Love you work, Tammy!

21. Elaine’s Perth Street Art Series

Who knew Perth’s urban art culture was so vibrant? We do now – thanks to Elaine hitting the streets in her school dress to take a pic a day in front of the city’s best street art. Check out her gorgeous Streets Of Perth Do It In A Dress challenge on Instagram @cestelaine.

22. OK so this is a first! Bananas in … dresses.

These legends, later revealed as the wonderful Clinton McKinnon and Emily Baldwin, ran the 15km Fernleigh 15 community run in NSW, as B1 and B2. You won’t be surprising to hear they turned lots of heads along the way!

23. Getting sporty in a dress

You’ve climbed and cycled and surfed and lifted and stretched – and just about every other fitness-in-a-dress imaginable! Here’s just a tiny sample of the adrenalin pumping activities you got up to this year:


24. International Day of The Girl

It’s fitting that International Day of The Girl day falls right in the middle of Do It In A Dress. So in amongst all the crazy stuff we’re doing in our dresses, we have the opportunity to celebrate what education means to us – which is the incredible reason why we do all of this!

25. #FlashbackFridays

How cute are this little faces? Like Kara, Imogen and Sophie, so many of us have our education to thank for the opportunities we’ve had and the people we’ve become. #FlashbackFridays were a way to share memories of our childhood school days and bring it back to education!

26. Beachin’ it in a dress

Thanks to your stylish antics, dresses just might become the new black in Aussie beachwear. Dozens of you hit the waves again this October to surf, swim and sing your mermaid siren song in the name of girls’ education!

27. And while we’re on water…

Young male and female rowers wearing school dresses at Yarra River with Melbourne CBD in background

Rowers like James and Maiysha spend a LOT of time training. So these young Ambassadors decided to inspire a bunch of fellow rowers to join their Lifechangers team and convert all those training hours into scholarships for eight girls. Well done team – oarsome effort!

28. Back on her bike

Serial hill climber, Peta Rogers, was back in a dress and on her bike – this year doing a gruelling 40,000 metres of elevation in 30 days. How fit must this girl be?! Check out her fundraising page blog for entertaining stories of lost car keys, scary uphill rides, taming magpies and other tales of triumph over adversity.

29. Hitting just the right note

It wasn’t all health and fitness in a dress this year. There was loads of musical talent on display as well. A huge shout out to Kate Chidlow for her incredible work putting on the Blue Mountains Funkfest. And to Lady Fox who, in a moving tribute to her mum, called on her Cabaret and Vaudeville friends to help her stage an awesome variety event in Queenscliff. And also to busker Mutiara, who took her music and her dress to the street!

30. The family that skydives together… changes lives together!

This is what happens when your parents are thrill-seekers! Family outings get a bad rap for being boring – but not in Caroline’s family! She took her entire family for a skydiving adventure in their school dresses. AWESOME!

31. And after two months of crazy dressy fun – you made this happen:

So that girls like these can be given access to life-changing education opportunities!

And that’s it folks for another year. We can’t thank you enough for all your passion and hard work. You’ve been amazing, and honestly – our work simply wouldn’t be possible without you.

We can’t wait to see you back again next year!