Saying I Do in a Dress

For most brides, deciding what dress to wear on their wedding day is a huge dilemma. For some it takes weeks or months to find the right dress.

Not for Kyle Willets. Last weekend, she said I Do in a Dress.

As far as inspiring Do it in a Dress challenges, Kyle Willets and Tal Gur’s wedding ceremony in Melbourne over the weekend certainly takes the (wedding) cake.

So why did this couple decide to take the plunge in a school dress? We’ll let the bride, Kyle, answer that in her own words.

“We were always going to be pretty casual about the wedding ceremony and I’d looked at a few dresses on Chapel Street (In Melbourne) but hadn’t found anything” she said.

“And then when Tal and I saw something on Facebook about Do it in a Dress we decided that to get married in the dresses would be adding so much more depth to the wedding and the start of our marriage. Our relationship has always been about being part of community and volunteering so it was a no-brainer to start our marriage this way.

“That is something that’s part of our marriage – to give back to communities. We feel like citizens of the world. I feel just a close to someone in Sierra Leone as I do in my own country. And it got rid of any wedding wardrobe dillemas!”

Of course, it’s probably a bigger leap to ask the groom to wear a dress on his wedding day, but Tal says he’d do it again in an instant.

“Our romance started when we met in Bolivia,” he said.

“We were both volunteering at the time, so being able to Do it in a Dress was a great way to start out marriage.

“Do it in a Dress is such an important cause and it links so closely with our values. We’ve built a house for family that lost theirs in Peru and helped build a school in the Dominican Republic, so we know how lucky we are to live in the Western world,” Tal said.

Kyle echoes Tal’s passion for helping others less fortunate than themselves.

“When I heard the was that educated women in Sierra Leone give back to their community, I didn’t hesitate in getting involved,” she said.

“For anyone wondering if they should get involved in Do it in a Dress, I would say it’s such a fun cause to be a part of – and it’s all about the cause. You really get connected to your local community and the One Girl community. As soon as we decided to get involved we could really feel the community support.

With supporters like Kyle and Tal setting the bar so high early on, we can’t wait to see what awesome Do it in a Dress challenges are in store for October!

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You can find out more about this inspiring couple at their own websites here!

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