Ryan, One Girl in particular loves you (find out why)!

We want to introduce you to Ryan. Why you ask? Because he’s almost QUADRUPLED his fundraising goal. And he didn’t jump out of a plane, run a marathon, or scale a mountain. He didn’t run an event, a raffle, or competition. In fact, he didn’t even really do anything specific in a school dress.

So what did he do?

Ryan went on holiday in a school dress! Earlier in July, Ryan followed the Tour De France, went snorkelling, biking, and eating all throughout Europe in his school dress.

Ryan’s story is a great reminder that Do It In A Dress isn’t always about jumping out of planes or taking on epic challenges – it’s about putting on a school dress and spreading the word.

Chewing in a school dress

Touristing Trevi Fountain in a school dress

Snorkelling in a school dress

Biking in a school dress

Swimming in a school dress

ALSO: Watching the Tour De France in a school dress
Attending The Carters Concert (QUEEN B!) in a school dress

The list goes on!

We asked Ryan to share this top three tips for using your social channels to smash your fundraising target:

“Tip #1: TELL people about it!
– Post multiple times with different content over days. It will build awareness and the keep people engaged. I was averaging one post a week.
– Use hashtags that will connect your post to people who are not your direct friends.
– Use peoples’ donations as another source of content.

Tip #2: Post on multiple platforms!
– I have my Instagram and Facebook connected, so I would post Instagram and it would automatically post on Facebook.

Tip #3: Get other people to post your activity!
– SJ [Ryan’s girlfriend] used to post my fundraising on her wall as well, so her friends were donating as well!”

Starting with a fundraising target of $1,200, thanks to his epic social game, Ryan has now raised $4,040 which is enough to educate 13 girls!

The moral of Ryan’s story: post, post and when you think you’ve posted enough, go ahead and post again!