Never underestimate the power of twitter! @problogger raises $1500 in 2 hours

It started with a cry for help. Darren Rowse, better known as @problogger – tweeted this to his followers.

The original tweet

“wish there was an equivalent of Frocktober…. for blokes…. that didn’t involve facial hair. #HoddieTober?”

Luckily, the wonderful Sarah Stokley (@stokley) came to the rescue with the #doitinadress hashtag.

The reply

After Darren received this stunning picture of his cartoon-self doing it in a dress, it was game on.

And the rest is history

The One Girl team nearly had a hernia when Darren signed up to get his dress on at his Melbourne Problogger Event. (No seriously, we were gushing like school girls – OMG OMG Problogger Problogger Problogger YAY!)

When he finally announced his plan to his Twitter community, we were ASTOUNDED at the response.

“I wasn’t going to mention this until #PBEVENT but… I’m going to #PBEVENT In a Dress (if you sponsor me that is…)”

Within 2 hours, Darren had racked up a whopping $1500 – and had also recruited @ShayneT to get his dress on as well.

And the donations started rolling in and the things for him to do in a dress at the Pro Blogger Event got more interesting.

1. If we raise $240 I’ll come to the last session of Day #1 in a dress to do the summing up for the day.
2. If we raise $480 I’ll change my Twitter avatar to a picture of me.. in a dress and leave it that way for a week.
3. If we raise over $960 (sending 4 girls to school) Shayne Tilley (web marketing ninja) will join me on stage at PBEVENT – also in a school dress.
4. At $1200 (5 girls) I’ll wear a wig on stage – while wearing the dress.
5. At $2400 (10 girls) I’ll allow Andrea Zanetich to apply red lipstick to my lips.

Luckily for Darren, he managed to get away without wearing the lipstick (although he pledged the final $500 himself!). And of course, with 300 inspiring Australian bloggers in the room – we’ve got an endless supply of Darren in a Dress photos for your viewing pleasure.

You rock Darren!