Meet Fatmata J.

It’s devastating to lose hope. To know that you are capable of achieving so much – but might never get the chance. When Fatmata was just 15 years old, she lost both her parents within years of each other, and she discovered exactly how that feels.
“When I lost my mother and father I lost hope”, she explained.

Fatmata’s aunt took her in, but there was no money for her school fees so she was forced to drop out of school. Any dreams she had for herself suddenly seemed impossible.

But after a long and empty year, something wonderful happened. Our team in Sierra Leone met Fatmata, they reviewed her past school results and saw how much potential she had. They offered her a scholarship to return to school – a decision that changed the direction of Fatmata’s life forever.

“I feel very happy. Even now, I can’t believe that I am in school at this moment!” she told us.

Fatmata treasures her education, but she understands that it’s part of something bigger than herself. “Right now, my education is for myself. But in the future – it will benefit everybody.”

Educating a girl is about much more than the individual. It transforms not only the girls themselves, but also their families and communities – and continues as educated women go on to educate their children.

And that’s the reason we put on a school dress. Because when we raise funds for girls’ education projects – we’re creating ripples of change that will go on to benefit whole communities for generations to come.