Do you Downward Dog In A Dress?

Is yoga the most popular activity to Do It In A Dress?

Weam Zabar taught yoga in Bahrain for a whole week wearing a dress – what a superstar! Madeline Suzanne is hosting a wicked 2-hour music, yoga and meditation event next Friday October 26. And last Saturday Robyn Sawatzky hosted a huge yoga class in Subiaco.

The evidence is stacked towards yes!

“The idea for my yoga class came from the inspirational Miss Kathryn Richards,” Robyn said. “I also started reading “Half the Sky” which made me both more knowledgeable and more passionate about the whole cause. I am so happy to be able to turn yoga and what I can do (with help) into a better life for others.”

It was an incredible afternoon, 85 people turned up. A lot were in dresses, not all school dresses – but that didn’t matter! They raised an insane amount of money and Robyn has put 11 girls back in school!

“I realised quite early on that I needed to get some adults involved, as students don’t have that much money,” Kathryn said. “So I looked through my Facebook friends for all the adults I had and made a list about what some of them could do.”

After Robyn commented on one of Kathryn’s posts about Do It In A Dress it was like the universe wanted something to happen.

“I sent Robyn a Facebook message asking her if she would be interested in organising a yoga event in a dress and within a day she responded saying she had been talking about it with her husband a few nights before and really wanted to do something!” Kathryn said.

The next day they met for coffee, and during that coffee a yoga teacher at Lords called. Within that 10-minute conversation they had their second yoga teacher and a venue for FREE.

“My next job was to email my contact at Lords Recreation Centre, who emailed straight back – Yes!” Robyn said. “So I gathered 3 more teachers, created posters for each of them together with flyers they could cut up to hand out to their students in their classes.”

The incredible teachers were Jane Lewis, Neil Urry, Jason Pachol, Joanne O’Dea and of course Robyn.

The class ran for an hour and a half divided into 15 minute slots.  Robyn took the first slot because she wanted to talk about why they were doing this.

“To practice and cultivate compassion for the less fortunate is to practice yoga.”

Robyn gathered together some raffle prizes and made beautiful eye bags that were sold at the event for $20 each (they sold enough to send one girl to school!).

Yoga in a dress is actually harder than it sounds – it’s tight around the shoulders and clings to your body and for the love of everyone around you, please don’t forget shorts or leggings underneath! But we love the fact everyone is doing it in a dress anyway!

A big thanks to Daniel Leslie for his amazing photos!

If you are in Melbourne and like the idea of doing yoga in a dress check out Madeline’s event