Do It In A Team!

If you asked us for our one BIG tip for your Do It In A Dress campaign we’d say team up.

We don’t have to tell you how much fun it is to share experiences with great people. You share the thrills and spills and it’s hard to beat the feeling of getting out there together, doing crazy stuff in a school dress! But even better, when you’re in a team you can achieve so much more than you ever could on your own.

Have a look at these inspiring stories from some of our favourite teams over the years….


Blitzing Bondi

Bondi’s a awesome spot any time of the year. But come October, Greg Beazley and 40 or 50 of his surfer mates create a bit of a spectacle when they go surfing in a dress. They get friends and family to sponsor them, and on the big day, walk around with collection buckets. Even the cafes along the beach have come onboard, donating their tips or a portion of their profits. Over the years they’ve raised over $33,000 which is enough to give over 133 girls access to education. They’ve also made it to Sunrise and the cover of the Daily Mail! Such superstars!

Surfers Sun Mail

Stretching for your goals

Emma runs Yoga Flame Studio and inspired her passionate yoga community to wear dresses for a good cause. She organised day of classes in their dresses and together Team Yoga Flame raised over $2000 for girls’ education. But more than that, Emma also called on her friends within the wider yoga community to run dressy classes during October – and she had studios all over Australia jumping on board to support the cause. Multiplying her impact by multiplying her teams, what a legend!


The right running mate

You don’t need a big team or a whole club to make a massive impact. Heather and Jayma were so confident they could raise serious money together that they called their first Do It In A Dress challenge ‘A Classroom of Girls’. Because they were out to educate 20 girls. And they did! In year two, they doubled their team and their target to Two Classrooms of Girls!


We hope these stories inspire you. They’re just a tiny sample of the extraordinary things a group of passionate people can achieve together.

So who’ll be on your team?

The Do It In A Dress site makes it super simple a team started.  Once you’ve signed up on the Do It In A Dress website, you can hit the Create a Team button and set up a team page.

Get everyone to create their individual page, which means they get the code for their free school dress. Then they use the Find a team or friend search to find and join your team! Don’t forget to come up with a great name and a team pic.

Here are 5 tips to help you create incredible teams.


#1 Getting the gang together

Inspire others with WHY you’re doing this – and ask them to join you. Everybody wants to make a difference, and everybody wants to be a part of something that’s bigger than themselves. 

Start with communities you already belong to. We’ve seen some awesome sports clubs run round robin events with each team committing to raise a certain amount. If you don’t belong to a club – no problem. Schools and unis. Work places. Community groups. They’re all teams just waiting to be mobilised!

#2 Figure out who does what

Small groups are pretty easy to organise. You just have to make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re responsible for. Be really specific about tasks – sign 10 participants; sell two books of raffle tickets; find an awesome first prize worth around $300. Instead of something vague like find people to participate, sell tickets, get prizes.

If you’re organising a bigger group, you’ll usually find the team leader (you) plus a few of your closest friends carry the weight. That’s perfectly okay! Just getting the others engaged in the cause is a huge positive!

Also – keep in mind not everyone is going to be as keen as you. They might not be as passionate, as focused or quite deliver as you hoped they would. That can be disappointing but it’s all part of it. Don’t let it detract from what you’re doing. Girls’ lives are going to be transformed because of you and your team – and that’s what counts in the end.


3# Keep things on track

There’ll be busy times and unexpected challenges, but working through them together is exactly what makes teamwork so satisfying. Check in with each other regularly so you can share the wins and deal with glitches before they grow.

#4 Money matters

Fundraising is about, well funds. You’ll have expenses as well as donations. So find the member of your team whose eyes light up at the mention of Excel and give them the job of keeping budgets and records and receipts. This bit can cause a lot of pain if you don’t keep it under control.

#5 Have fun!!

No explanation needed. 🙂


We can’t wait to see what you do together in your dresses!