6 Hairy Legs and a 60km Hike through the Canadian Rockies

We’d like you to meet Jeff, Dale and Dustin.

Dustin, Dale and Jeff Do It In A Dress

A few weeks ago, Dustin decided to go backpacking along one of his favourite trails – the Berg Lake Trail in Canada – and he decided to Do It In A Dress. (But, of course!)

Inspired by his mate, Dave Dean, who ran the Melbourne half-marathon in a school dress last year, Dustin has “always looked to support good organizations that are engaging people in a fun and unique way.  We all appreciate the work that One Girl is doing in Africa, and that they are inspiring people to do more.”

But who wants to go it alone? Dustin asked his brother Jeff and Dad, Dale to come along. And without much convincing, they said yes. They’re part of the Hikers Without Pants team – He’s also put the challenge out to all the other hikers out there – “Ditch your technical fabrics and Do It in a Dress!”- You can join his team at here.

In Dustin’s words, they’ve got “Five days, 60km, countless waterfalls raining down into the valleys, freezing glacial stream crossings, the kind of wildlife that eats people, and 3 sets of hairy legs.”

Dustin, Dale and Jeff Do It In A Dress in Canada

Dustin will be on a Canadian radio show on the morning of the 16th (in Canadian time) – he’ll be talking about his Do It In A Dress adventures, and the boys are planning to kick off their hike on Friday.

Due to time constraints, the boys couldn’t purchase an action kit. Firstly, we weren’t sure if we could get it to them in time for the hike, and secondly, they thought they might need a bit of extra breathing room – so they got their own dresses made up.

And can we just say.. You look just GORGEOUS guys. Hahaha.

You can wish Dustin luck via twitter – catch him at @skinnybackpackr

Or you can check out his page and donate here!