4 fun fundraising boosts to level up your campaign

Looking for some ways to kick-start your fundraising as October starts? Why not try some of these low-key yet super fun fundraising activities that can get you even closer to your fundraising goal and we kick off action month!

1. Sweet Treats = Sweet Cashola

Here in the One Girl office we are harbouring some serious sweet tooths and we know if there’s one thing that can get donations flowing in it’s the promise of some home baked goodies! Ask your friends, family, workmates, or school buddies to get their aprons on and bake some sweets for you to sell in your school/office. We guarantee that come lunchtime you’ll have people more than happy to donate!!

2. Get Crafty!

For an easy way to fundraise hit up some friends and your local craft store and have yourself a ‘Crafternoon’. If you have a skill that you can teach to friends/family, or know someone who does, then you’re already half way there. Then you’ll just need some arty supplies, a nice pot of tea and some friends to come along and pay to participate.

3. Do It As A Dare

For those adventurous spirits out there, you could trade a dare for a donation, the bigger the donation, the crazier the dare can be! In the past we’ve had people do some crazy things like skydiving and bungy jumping but your challenges doesn’t have to be so elaborate – as long as your donor is willing to put their money where their mouth is you’re good to go!

4. Stay in…

For a simple option have some friends around for a cosy movie night in. Pick your favourite movie, get friends to pay a small charge, dim the lights and have some popcorn ready!

Check out the Fundraising Toolkit for more hacks and event ideas – and let’s get ready to smash it out the park in October and educate thousands of girls!