31 EPIC moments of Do It In A Dress 2016!

Do It In A Dress has wrapped up for another brilliant year, and One Girl HQ is STILL buzzing from the amazing efforts of this community! It has been our absolute biggest year yet – in every single way. More passionate participants than ever before. More funds raised than ever before. And the best bit? More girls’ lives that can be changed than ever before! It’s safe to say, you have absolutely blown us away. We know that an incredible amount of much planning, effort, strength and courage went into your many challenges, and we couldn’t be more PROUD. Here are just 31 of our favourite challenges, events, moments and shenanigans from Do It In A Dress 2016, one for each EPIC day of October!

1) The Period challenge
Gemma Bradshaw of the @Herandcoproject decided that this year she would take a pledge to manage her period in the same way many women in Sierra Leone and Uganda are forced to- with rags, sponges, and toilet paper. Little did she know, that in the month of October her period fell on a weekend that she had organized to go camping. Read her story in full here!



2) Skydiving
This one is not for the faint hearted! The extremely brave Lara Sveinsson of Bond University took challenging herself to a whole new level.. by jumping out of a plane!


3) Horsing around
Michelle Knoll from team Horseplay came back for another year of Do In A Dress Dress! With two riding clubs as well as her friends getting involved, we loved all their horsey antics!



4) #FlashbackFridays
This year we asked you to take a walk down memory lane and share some flashbacks of your childhood and education on Instagram- they were SO cute, as well as totally humbling. We love being reminded of why it is we do what we do here at One Girl.



 5) Globetrotting in a dress: New Zealand
We love seeing our dresses go global- it makes for awesome memories as well as amazing photos. Shoutout to Hanna Davies, who took on New Zealand in her dress and did a bunch of adrenalin pumping activities- including bungee jumping, and visiting Middle Earth too!



6) Globetrotting in a dress: U.S.A
More globetrotting dressers include Steph and James, who trekked parts of the U.S in their dresses! Amazing Instagram feed guys!



7) Beachin’ it in a dress
Forget bikinis, school dresses are this summer’s hottest new swimwear!



8) Yogis in dresses
Nothing stops our yogis! Looking after your mental and physical health is so important. Maria’s class did their usual trees and down dogs, but in their dresses! Shout out to Annie and the Eve Studio ladies for your getting your dress on too!




9) Peta’s #30kmsin30days
Absolute girl boss Peta Rogers covered the distance of Mount Everest.. THREE TIMES OVER. Isn’t that insane? All in a school dress! We spoke to her in detail about her crazy journey here!


10) Getting outside: Do It In A Dress style
One thing is for sure, our dressers LOVE the great outdoors! Those views- them dresses! Check out these epic pictures!



11) Paint fight in a dress
These have got to be the most colourful dresses we’ve seen! Krystal, admin of the awesome page Funtastic Early Childhood Ideas, and her work crew from Atchison Cottage had a paint party at their work with their 0-2’s. Oh, to be young again! We love this creative dressy challenge!



12) Abseiling in a dress
One Girl’s very own Sharni took her Do It In A Dress challenge to new heights this year with her friend Kirsty, saying:

“I have so much choice in my life that today I voluntarily launched myself off a cliff. I can do things like this because I have all the freedom in the world to live my life how I want to, no matter how crazy my choices might be. But not all girls’ lives are carefree and full of choice. And I will keep jumping out of planes and off cliffs in a school dress until ALL girls can do anything they want in theirs.” Here are the epic photos of her and Kirsty abseiling in Katoomba, NSW – in their dresses!



13) Wollongong film festival
Talk about women supporting women – created by One Girl Ambassador Gia Frino, the inaugural Wollongong Film Festival celebrates women on and off the screen. It provides the platform of a voice to both female film makers, and women in the Australian and International film industry. How INCREDIBLE is that? Oh, and did we mention that all the proceeds go to One Girl? Check them out on Instagram and their website!



14) Sailing in a dress
We already mentioned the beach- now we’re going to mention the water! Tara went sailing in a hydrofoil sailboat- all in her dress! It’s a sail boat that achieves decreased drag and increased speed, due to it’s wings mounted under the hull. Our awesome dressers are always teaching us new stuff!



15) ALL the active dressers!
You guys are constantly inspiring us- but also motivating us! This year we had SO MANY committed dressers getting fit and sweaty for education- whether it be Zumba, skating, gym, cycling, or just general exercise! Getting fit for a cause!





16) Kicking butt in a dress- Kumite style!
Freestyle sparring in a dress? SO badass! Here, dresser Kate is snapped doing Kumite- one of the three main sections of Karate training. Ka-POW!



17) Halloween in a dress
YIKES! There’s no way these dressers were going to let a school dress stop them from getting spooky this Halloween- Amazingly creepy, you guys!



18) Trivia in a dress
What better way to emphasise the power of education by testing all of your friends with general knowledge? Our media coordinator Adrianna hosted a girl power trivia and raffle, and raised $835! Shout out to the Diamond Creek Tavern, Politini Wines, Prani Harrison and Katie’s Fashion for generously donating prizes!




19) ALL of your selfies
No selfie shame here! We love a good selfie, and even better when it’s spreading awareness about Do It In A Dress and girls’ education – Work it, dressers!



20) Getting sporty in a dress
With education, comes confidence. With confidence, comes competitiveness- and loads of fun! We loved seeing you all get sporty in your dresses: from golf, to netball, cricket and footy too!



21) Flying Trapeze- in a DRESS!

We reckon these dressers just about ready to run away and join the circus? Isabelle and a bunch of her friends were super unique with their challenge this year, trying their hand at Flying Trapeze! SO cool!





22) Parkour in a dress
Okay, seriously- cool it with the awesomeness. Team Global Parkour tell us they are always up for a challenge- “Because we care, because we can, because we’re strong”. Tell me you don’t want to learn parkour just looking at these pics?! And check out their amazing video too!




23) Another shout out to the AMAZING schools involved
We mentioned in our previous blog post the AMAZING efforts of students participating in this year’s Do It In A Dress. We didn’t think you would be able to impress us anymore – but you did. In fact, some of our biggest fundraisers were schools! Students putting their brains (and dresses) together for future students – we couldn’t think of anything more inspiring.


24) …And Universities!
HUGE shoutout to The University of Queensland College teams – featuring the amazing Duchesne College, Women’s College, Grace College, Cromwell College, Union College, Emmanuel College and St Leo’s College– who collectively raised $75,882 – YES, you read that correctly. That’s enough to send 252 girls to school! OMG!



25) … And the Primary schoolers!
Proving you’re never too young to make an impact in this world.



26) Surfers in a dress!
Sooo, these amazing beach babes technically didn’t do their challenges this October.. they hung out until November 5th. But how could we NOT give them a shout out in our wrap up? These LEGENDARY surfers came back for yet again another year of Do It In A Dress, taking over Bondi Beach in their dresses, and even making it in the Sydney Morning Herald!



27) Music makin’ in a dress
Our do it in a dressers aren’t tone deaf! We had people participate in gigs, donate to gigs, and attend gigs all in their dresses. Very cool indeed!



28) Workplaces in dresses
So many workplaces increased their commitment to teamwork and joined forces to Do It In A Dress this year- we mentioned the amazing Chefs in our last blog post– here are just a handful of the other amazing workplaces who rocked dresses at their 9-5 for girls’ education, including Frankston and Cranbourne Toyota, VinoMofo, Rackspace ANZ, OMD Melbourne, Get Started and JibJab!



29) Baristas, bartenders and foodies rocking dresses
This year we received overwhelming support from people who are often taken for granted- our hospitality workers! Baristas, bartenders, and foodies all got on board this year. Whether they baked #Doitinadress themed treats, or donated proceeds, hospo people kicked butt! Shout out to Bimbo Deluxe, who fundraised $2,862 in one night- enough to send 9 girls to school! Cheers to Pete from NotNegative from these great pics of Liar Liar cafe!





30) Raising just over $670,000 (and counting!)


31) Which is enough to give more than 2,200 access to life-changing education!


Girls just like these….


Check out this epic video we put together to celebrate what a massive campaign it’s been (and see if you can’t spot some familiar faces!)

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Do It In A Dress possible: without you, there is no movement. So thank you. And we’ll see you next year!