31 Epic Days of Do It In A Dress!

We’ve been blown away by the incredible stuff you’ve all gotten up to in your school dresses this year! Together, you’ve raised enough to change the lives of thousands of girls, their families, and communities. So we want to take a moment to thank every single one of you! To celebrate, we’ve collated 31 epic fundraising events, moments, and hilarious shenanigans from this year’s campaign — one for each day of October!

We want to kick off with a massive thank you to our Do It In A Dress champions! These legends have been pulling on their school dresses year after year and have collectively raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support girls’ education!

Shout out to:
1. The University of Queensland who have raised over $160,000 across the last three years! For this year’s campaign, they’ve now raised $70,834 as of 31st October!

2. Shredders in a dress! This team on Mount Buller have been doing it in a dress since 2012! This year alone they raised $1,455!

3. Mount Annan High School have raised almost $15,000 over the last three years, this is enough to educate 50 girls! As of 31st October 2018, this incredible community has raised $4,564.00 this year.

4. The wonderful Same Family! This wonderful family supported us again this year and gave our fundraisers a massive boost TWICE by dollar matching a total of $30,000 worth of donations!

And now to some of the memorable shenanigans for Do It In A Dress 2018!

5. A huge shout out to Ambassador Chelsea who inspired her entire school community at Kirrawee High School to get behind her. Together they have passed on the gift of education by raising enough to send 50 girls to school for a year!

6. How inspiring is Luke? Not only did he run through the night to complete the gruelling Great North Walk 175 kms Race, he carried a handwritten list of the people who had supported him to remind him why he was doing it. “When I get lost or when I am exhausted or when I’m in pain and don’t think I can continue, I will look at this bit of paper and remember that I’m not doing this for myself but for you guys.” How incredible is that.

7. Strongwoman and One Girl Ambassador, Scout took girls’ empowerment to a whole new level — ‘raised the bar’ you might even say) — when she single-handedly ran a weight lifting competition that raised enough to educate 22 girls!

8. 2018 has been a dog of a year — in a very good way — with loads of doggy dressers strutting their stuff to a chorus of ‘awwws’ and ‘so cutes’ from their human fans.

9. We thought we’d seen it all, but this is the first time camels have made an appearance in a Do It In A Dress campaign! How great is this snap by Ali!

10. Community leader and Ambassador, Elijah, has been attending some pretty high level meetings in his school dress. He even inspired the Police Commission of Queensland with his passion and commitment to equality of opportunity!

11. We had barre classes in a school dress! Elaine took a barre class in a school dress EVERYDAY of October!

13. In the Forbes family, helping girls to access education is a family affair! Bronte and her mum Caroline are both One Girl Ambassadors that have collectively raised $3,200! That’s enough to educate 10 girls for an entire year!

14. Pushing physical limits is not the only way to Do It In A Dress. For Joshua and his work buddies, a civilised brunch in school dresses is way more their style.

15. Yoga in a dress is always a favourite — and this year lots of groups, including the One Girl team, hit their mats to raise money and awareness for girls in Sierra Leone and Uganda!

16. Across Australia, University colleges, clubs and departments rallied together, they put on their dresses, and raised an incredible amount for girls’ education! Shout out to Newcastle University, Queensland University of Technology GEMS (QUT GEMS), University of Wollongong (Education Society + Diplomacy of Foreign Affairs Society), UWA (St Catherine’s College), Bond University, Professors at UTAS (‘The IT Girls’), and University College at The University of Melbourne.

17. Snowboarders aren’t the only ones who know how to rock a school dress in the snow. Slipping onto the slopes in her skis, Sarah paid tribute to her mother, grandmothers and all the women in her life who have played a role in her education.

18. Skater Simon got some air — maybe a little too much air at times — as he skated in a school dress!

19. Running up a storm in your dresses! Just like Shannon, plenty of you got hot and sweaty for the cause again this year.

20. Maybe the cruisiest fundraising campaign we saw this year was Ryan’s holiday in a school dress. It was a tough gig, but Ryan managed to followed the Tour De France, go snorkelling, biking, and eat in some places — all in his school dress!

21. Like most years, Jason ran many many marathons in his school dress.

22. Maggie shook up the old fashioned raffle by organising some very cute prizes and putting it on line. And presto!  Her super simple but hugely successful idea helped her raise enough to send 14 girls to school for a year!

23. A massive thanks to all of you who teamed up to Do It In A Dress. Here’s a few amazing teams who made it onto our fundraising leaderboard this year with their incredible effort:
– More than One Girl: This team raised $7,715!
– Two Girls: Megan and Steph are both Ambassadors who teamed up and smashed their goal.
– Sahba had not one, but two teams to coordinate. She raised almost $5,000 by creating a team for her workplace and one with her friends. Talk about using your networks!

24. The crew at Seedling Café in Melbourne CBD sparked loads of conversations and support for girls’ education as they served coffees and gorgeous healthy food in school dresses.

25. Doctor Who fans unite! To celebrate the first woman to be cast as the title role in the sci-fi classic, Rebecca held a screening of ‘Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell to Earth’, raising enough to educate 18 girls in the process. What a great way to support girls’ education and women on the silver screen!

26. As an elected Councillor for Frankston City Council, Quinn rallied her Frankston community to participate in a movie night, in fitness challenges and a yoga class all in school dresses!
 Quinn has now raised enough to educate 30 girls! (30 girls?! Incredible!)

27. Superstar Ambassador Sarah drew on her friends and family for support hosting a sit-down lunch at a friend’s house! Sarah and friends catered the lunch themselves and the silent auction included everything from cookbooks to tennis tickets! Sarah raised $8,000 in total, that’s enough to educate 14 girls!

28. We even had Do It In A Dress over in the USA! Leticia repped her school dress over in New Jersey and she took a photo in her school dress for everyday in October! 31 days meant 31 school dress snaps.

29. Super-mum Cecelia took on Tough Mudder in her school dress as well the 1,000 steps! Oh and she has three daughters also doing it in a dress — what a family!

30. Zoe has now done Do It In A Dress three times! Did we mention she’s been an Ambassador? Well she has, TWICE!  Zoe has run the Bridge to Brisbane two years in a row, raised $3,017 in 2017 and $2,495 in 2018!

31. Jenny ran a 10km marathon in Shanghai on her birthday and apparently received a lot of attention from locals! She’s now raised $3,151, which is enough to educate 10 girls!

Honestly the list goes on well past 31! We cannot thank you all enough for your passion and dedication to supporting girls’ education. You’ve all been amazing, you’ve put yourselves out there and none of our work would be possible without you!

We can’t wait to get dressy with you next year!