How to boost your fundraising – fast!

So you need to raise $1000. Maybe you’re on the home straight to reaching a big, audacious target. Or you’ve done your challenge and you’re keen to see how much more you can raise before October's over. Or maybe you’ve looked at your calendar and realised we’re more than halfway through October and you want to up the ante – FAST! Whatever your motivation, the first thing you need to do is cut that big scary number into bite-sized chunks. Raising 40 lots of $25 or 100 lots of $10 suddenly feels a whole lot more doable and frees up your mind...

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So far… SO (INSANELY) good! 10 EPIC dressy moments we loved!

We've just passed the halfway mark of our Do It In A Dress month - and the results are nothing short of PHENOMENAL. From cooking, to running, to snowboarding, and everything in between - here are just 10 of the amazing achievements and dressy challenges we’ve seen so far.  1) Walking the width of Ireland.. In a dress! In September, One Girl ambassador and all round champion Lauren Crook walked a whopping 230 kilometers across the width of Ireland- all the way from Dublin to Galway, in her dress. Read more about her incredible journey HERE. 2) Dudes donning dresses From the awesome teams...

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You’re telling me a 13 hour workout can be fun!?

For some people it sounds like their idea of torture, but for these passionate fundraisers, a 13 hour work is out their idea of a great day - and a fun challenge! And right now - they're at about the HALFWAY mark of this crazy challenge! Meet the inspiration behind the CrossFit Manly Vale team - One Girl Ambassador Mentor, Meg Garrido! Her team at Manly Vale have already smashed their fundraising goal – and they haven't even totally completed their challenge of 13 hours of continuous crossfit workouts yet! Last year they completed 12 workours in 12 hours, so of course this...

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Over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

Do It In A Dress and educate a girl.

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