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Jessica’s rocking her dress all the way in Paris!

Hey friends! Even though October's over we’re still continuing to celebrate and congratulate our awesome participants on their amazing Do It In A Dress adventures beyond our action month :) Today we’re chatting to Jessica Johansen, all the way from Paris, France! Jessica is a Do It In A Dress online ambassador who took on the mammoth challenge of running 50km throughout October in her school dress, ending in a 10km final run. Talk about a fast-paced way to raise funds for girls’ education! Hey Jessica - can you tell us a bit about yourself? Hi, thanks so much for having me! I’m...

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31 Moments that made Do It In A Dress SO EPIC

Last week we celebrated the end of our official Do It In A Dress month, and WOAH was it not the most epic thing ever?! This year we've had the MOST people sign up to Do It In A Dress EVER, and we saw some of the most inventive, creative, incredible and out-of-the-box challenges in a dress we've had in Do It In A Dress history. To celebrate this and say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who wore a dress, supported and donated for girls' education - we wanted to wrap-up the campaign with 31 amazing moments (one for every day...

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It’s a’s a’s a Skydiving Schoolgirl!

A couple of weeks ago a Perth teenager did something to take the Do It In A Dress campaign to new heights..literally. Sian and her team of Skydiving Schoolgirls jumped 14,000 ft out of a plane over Perth's CBD to send give girls access to education. Now THAT is what we call an epic challenge! Sian is a superstar One Girl Ambassador, and is a serious inspiration. At only 17 (yes, SEVENTEEN) years of age, she's kicking all kinds of goals and is a force to be reckoned with. We caught up with her to see what inspired her to become an Ambassador, and why...

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