31 magical moments that made Do It In A Dress so amazing!

This year, without a doubt, was our biggest and best ever Do It In A Dress campaign. There were so many things that made it so amazing it was hard to keep up with all of your dressy antics. Every single day something happened that totally blew us away, inspired us, and spurred us on! There's no way a single blog post, video, or photo collage will be able to sum it up, but we thought we'd give it a shot... Here are 31 magical moments (one for each day of October) that made Do It In A Dress the epic...

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Meet Simone: find out why our highest fundraiser is not your typical teen

When we first met this young girl earlier this year, we knew she was someone special. And a few weeks ago she did something that even she didn’t believe she could do. Simone is 14 years old and one of our incredible One Girl Ambassadors. In many ways, she’s just like your regular teenage girl. She’s in Year 8 at Loreto. She likes spending time with her friends, cooking and travelling with her family. She loves trying out local cafes and hanging out in St Kilda and Elwood on the weekends. But in other ways, Simone’s not just a typical teenage girl. Most...

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10 GIFS to get you through the final week of Do It In A Dress!

We're on the home stretch with only 3 days left in October and the end of our Do It In A Dress action month! We know you're probably feeling tired and have a touch of fundraising fatigue, but we have the best remedy for that.. GIFS. So enjoy these 10 GIFS that will spur you onto the finish line... LETS GO TEAM! When you catch a reflection of yourself in the mirror while you're wearing your dress and you think... When you pump yourself up to go out in your dress in public When you start bombarding friends and family, colleagues and teachers with emails and...

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66 million girls around the world are not in school, simply because of their gender.

Wear a dress, educate a girl.

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