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Meet the amazing girl wearing her school dress for 150 days IN A ROW!

Today we catch up with one serious Do It In A Dress legend. Emily is a One Girl Ambassador and an all-round champ, and this year she's undertaken one of the craziest dressy challenges we've seen so far..wearing her school dress for 150 days. IN. A. ROW. WOAH. That is serious commitment! We wanted to catch up with the amazing woman behind this challenge - and ask her what's inspired her incredible challenge... Hey Emily! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I'm Emily, currently a third year student at the University of Newcastle studying Electrical Engineering. I'm incredibly passionate about what I study...

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$200k raised, Leaderboards update and sprinting to the finish: Weekly Wrap-up time!

YO dressers! So many good things happened this week - and we realised we're coming into the home stretch of Do It In A Dress month! But you guys aren't showing any signs of slowing down - this is going to be a sprint to the finish!  This week we hit the HUGE milestone of $200,000 raised - and we're now at over $220,000 - which means over 700 girls are getting educated. THAT IS INCREDIBLE!! We saw lots of Yoga action this week, with the Adelaide Yoga Flow community getting dressy - loving those poses, guys! And all the way over...

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Sarah is a budding entrepreneur – find out how your school dress helped her get there!

This is Sarah. Education is changing her life in a BIG way and we wanted we had to share her incredible story with you. Sarah and her family are originally from a place called Kono, which is the main district in Sierra Leone where the diamonds are mined. Because of this, during the civil war in Sierra Leone, Kono was a majorly contested area – rebels would fight over control of it and would frequently loot the area, because of the rich diamond reserves there. It was during the terrifying civil war that Sarah's father was killed. Knowing their home was no longer...

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