November 08th

We have more than 1000 reasons to say Thank You!

With October now over and the Do It In A Dress madness slowly starting to wind down - we're looking back at everything we've achieved together. And what we see? Blows. Our. Minds. At the end of October we stand beaming with pride. We're tired - but completely inspired. Together...

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October 31st

Do It In A Dress 2013 – look at what you did!

Wow. Just, wow. Inspiring. Exciting. Passionate. Insane. Amazing. Awesome. Ridiculous. EPIC. On October 31, these are just some of the words that...

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August 19th

Week 2 Wrap Up – Sports Week, Do It In A Dress style!

Week 2 of Do It In A Dress...

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September 10th

Awkward Family Photos (and Videos)

Well, we were excited to see what this...

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October 01st

The Time is Now. Do It In A Dress : The Manifesto

Humanity is at a crossroads. Poverty. Inequality. Rape. Hunger....

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July 25th

How does $300 give a girl access to education?

You've read on our site that $300 can...

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October 26th

Week Four gone, but not forgotten!

We had another fantastic week of Do It In A Dress shenanigans, things continue to becoming more and more exciting as we progress! We continue to be absolutely amazed by all of you and the crazy and brilliant things you get...

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October 03rd

A big thanks to our twitter community!

We did it! ONE GIRL and #DOITINADRESS both trended on Twitter yesterday morning and we owe it all to Stephen Johnson who was the brains behind the idea. His idea was do SOMETHING in a dress between 9a.m. - 11a.m. and then...

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August 14th

Saying I Do in a Dress

For most brides, deciding what dress to wear...

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August 26th

Week 3 Wrap-up: Try Something New shenanigans!

And we’re baaack! Last week was Week 3...

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August 30th

Meet our Do It In A Dress Champions! – Martina Hughes

It’s time to introduce you to some of...

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October 18th

What these brave 16 year olds went through while Doing It In A Dress will shock you

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