This weekend double your donation – double your impact!

We have something exciting to announce that's going to take your Do It In A Dress fundraising to the next level. Through the support of an incredible non profit organisation, Audacious Dreaming, we’re announcing a special Donation Matching Weekend! This weekend, starting at 5pm on Friday 28 August until 5pm Sunday 30 August, every single donation you receive to your personal or team Do It In A Dress campaign will be DOUBLED, up to the value of $6450, which has been generously donated by the amazing team at Audacious Dreaming. Audacious Dreaming is a group of dreamers who support others to achieve their...

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5 reasons why Teams Do It In A Dress Better

Like a lot of things in life... Do It In A Dress is just way more fun with friends. Here are 5 reasons why you should be building an epic Do It In A Dress team right now! 1. Going out in your dress for the first time can be a little intimidating. But if you're rolling with a crew of dressed up guys and gals, it instantly becomes 10 times easier! You might even look as awesome as these guys... 2. Teams raise more money, which means they can educate more girls! When you're fundraising as a team, you can do more,...

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The strongest thing I’ve ever done..And I did it in my dress.

Hey guys, it's Lauren here. I'm the Chief Love Officer at One Girl, and this week I did something I NEVER thought I'd ever be able to do.. To give you some context, 2014 was a terrible year for me. I was working 3 jobs and volunteering, barely eating, I was in chronic pain with my jaw, and struggling with insomnia. My body was running on adrenaline and my stress levels were sky high. It got to the end of the year and I broke. I couldn’t keep going. My body was shutting down. People would say I look like I’d been...

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66 million girls around the world are not in school, simply because of their gender.

Wear a dress, educate a girl.

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