31 Epic Days of Do It In A Dress!

We’ve been blown away by the incredible stuff you’ve all gotten up to in your school dresses this year! Together, you’ve raised enough to change the lives of thousands of girls, their families, and communities. So we want to take a moment to thank every single one of you! To celebrate, we’ve collated 31 epic fundraising events, moments, and hilarious shenanigans from this year’s campaign — one for each day of October! We want to kick off with a massive thank you to our Do It In A Dress champions! These legends have been pulling on their school dresses year after...

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Talking with Jane Caro about the barriers to education and how girls are outstripping boys in the classroom!

In September last year, Jane Caro — a strong advocate for public education in Australia — donated to Do It In A Dress during the frenzy surrounding Craigburn Primary School’s fundraising. Now that we’re getting ready to wrap up the biggest month of the year for Do It In A Dress 2018, our CEO Sarah had a chat with Jane about the barriers girls face to education not just in Sierra Leone, but right here at home. Photo: Jane tells us, “In Australia it’s really interesting, I don’t think that education is our issue because I know that, for example, girls...

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This legend is living the change he wants to see!

We all have the same amount of time each day. But there are people out there who use their allocation so effectively that they leave us mere mortals gobsmacked. Like Elijah Buol. He’s built an extraordinary life - and he’s one of this year’s Do It In A Dress Ambassadors! When Elijah arrived Australia, he was just 17 years old and completely on his own. As one of nearly a million children displaced by conflict in South Sudan, he’d lost both parents at 9 years old and spent several years in a refugee camp. But today - four university degrees (including a...

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Over 130 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

Do It In A Dress and educate a girl.

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