November 08th

We have more than 1000 reasons to say Thank You!

With October now over and the Do It In A Dress madness slowly starting to wind down - we're looking back at everything we've achieved together. And what we see? Blows. Our. Minds. At the end of October we stand beaming with pride. We're tired - but completely inspired. Together...

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October 31st

Do It In A Dress 2013 – look at what you did!

Wow. Just, wow. Inspiring. Exciting. Passionate. Insane. Amazing. Awesome. Ridiculous. EPIC. On October 31, these are just some of the words that...

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October 23rd

Find out how Phoebe used fitness to give 5 girls new futures

Phoebe got in touch with us way back...

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September 03rd

Dunked in a Dress – It’s Bungee Time!

We have so many awesome people signed up...

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July 27th

Back to school party

Attention students!* If you’re in Melbourne and looking for...

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September 26th

Weekly Wrap Up: Exporers in dresses and teams kicking ass!

Howdy Dressers! So..we are a wee bit late on this weekly wrap-up, but that's just because there is TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS happening we can barely keep up! Seriously, you guys have blown us away. It's not even October yet and so...

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September 26th

Dresses may not survive a 20km obstacle course designed by SAS soldiers

Tough Mudder - Sydney, NSW 20kms 25 military styled obstacles...

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July 25th

You are about to be part of something awesome

No, it’s not just another schoolgirl themed dress up party. You are about to become part of something awesome. By the end of Do it in a Dress on 31 October 2012, you will have changed the life of a girl or woman...

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September 12th

Sold Out! The Cupcake Queen’s preparing for round two

Monique and Aelia from the Cupcake Queens found...

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August 30th

Meet our Do It In A Dress Champions! – Martina Hughes

It’s time to introduce you to some of...

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September 18th

What kind of Fundraiser are you?

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