Florence was in primary school for one year. That’s it - just one year. No seven year old girl belongs on the streets. But that’s where Florence found herself after she dropped out of school. From the age of seven, she was on the streets - wandering, stealing and generally ‘doing bad things’. For a little girl so young it must have been incredibly tough. It’s hard to imagine what she would have seen and done – and how vulnerable she would have been. She also had to deal with a lot of family turmoil. Having lost both her parents, she was living...

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So..What Should You Do In Your Dress? 53 Challenge Ideas

So, what should you do in a dress? It’s a question we get asked a lot. And the short answer is: Anything. EVERYTHING! Starting can be the hardest part – so we reckon start simple. Whatever you’re doing, do it in a dress! The first time you might feel a little self-conscious, but people will start congratulating you for doing such an awesome thing and before you know it you’ll be itching for excuses to get your dress on! The more that people see you in your dress, the more money you’ll raise, and the more girls you’ll be help send to school. SO.... So do your...

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8 Foolproof Fundraising Tips to get you started

Whether this is your first time fundraising, or you’re a seasoned professional, it’s normal to feel a little nervous to start with. No-one likes to ask others for stuff, right? But as soon as you start, you’ll realise that people want to help. So many people share your conviction that ALL girls deserve access to education…but they don’t know how to help. Your fundraising efforts give them the opportunity to feel good about making a difference, and support you at the same time! These 8 tips will help get the ball rolling and get you on the path to giving as many girls as...

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Over 60 million girls around the world are not in school. But we have the power to change this.

Do It In A Dress and educate a girl.

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